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Nashville Back to School Craft
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CoolSprings Galleria

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Hometown Vendor Market hosts amazing indoor and outdoor vendor markets that bring together local, independent businesses and merchants that specialize in food, drinks, jewelry, handmade crafts, home decor, fashion, art, wellness, design, and so much more! Our Hometown Vendors offer customers unique and handcrafted items that were created with love and care.


Vendor Package


Exclusive benefits await VIP vendors at the Hometown Vendor Market!

While general vendors choose spots on a first-come, first-serve basis, VIPs who purchase the VIP Vendor Package get an early 30-minute head start each day of the event to pick their preferred locations before everyone else arrives. It’s an exclusive advantage to make your presence stand out!

Complete your vendor application directly on the checkout page.
Upon payment processing, you’ll receive a Vendor Welcome email, confirming your registration for the event.

● Approximately 10×10 booth space
● Inclusion of company logo and social media/website links on our website
● Each vendor must provide their own ONE 6ft table and two chairs, along with the option to bring additional fixtures that fit within the booth space
● Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, chairs, table covers, and/or tent
● Opportunity to select remaining spots after VIP registrations
● Option to share booth space with another vendor


● Approximately 10×10 booth space.
● Inclusion of company logo and social media/website links on our website.
● First opportunity to select booth location each day of the event, starting 30 minutes before the arrival of other vendors, within the VIP section of the market.
● VIP Vendors are allowed TWO 6f tables and two chairs, along with the option to bring additional fixtures that fit within the booth space.
● Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, chairs, table covers, and/or tent.
● Option to share booth space with another vendor.

Event Quick Facts

● Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, chairs, table covers, and/or tent.
● No licenses or permits are required for vendors to participate.
● Baked goods are allowed if 100% packaged and sealed once sold to customers.
● Vendors have the option to share a booth space, with only one vendor listed per registration. Shared vendors check in under the initial registrant’s name.
● Direct sales companies can participate, limited to one representative per company.
● Payment is due upon registration, with no refunds issued.
● Setup occurs 1.5 hours before the market opens each day; VIP Vendors set up 1 hour before opening.
● Upon registration, vendors receive a Vendor Welcome Email, followed by setup and tear-down instructions before the event.
● Vendors are encouraged to promote the Vendor Market on their social media channels.
● For additional questions, email, referencing the event and location in the subject line.
● All display materials must fit within the allotted booth space.
● Traffic numbers and sales cannot be guaranteed.
● Vendors must maintain a neat and professional setup at all times

Why Choose Hometown Vendor Market for Your Business?

Our Vendor Markets offer unparalleled sales and marketing opportunities for small and
medium-sized businesses. By selecting malls as our prime venues, we tap into the trusted
platforms where thousands of brands showcase and sell their products. Leveraging malls’
existing marketing strategies and foot traffic, coupled with our targeted social media campaigns
reaching shoppers within a 15-mile radius, our vendors gain access to the same clientele as
major retail brands, ensuring maximum exposure and sales potential.

Key Strategies for Vendor Success

● Engage with Shoppers: Be approachable and initiate conversations with passersby or
those who show interest in your booth. Engaging with shoppers increases your chances
of making sales.
● Host Giveaways: Consider offering a giveaway item or organizing an enter-to-win prize
contest. This not only attracts more visitors to your booth but also helps generate leads
for future sales.
● Price Appropriately: Ensure your products are competitively priced and clearly marked.
Stay updated on market trends and shopper preferences to set prices that resonate with
your target audience.
● Offer Specials: Entice shoppers with sales, discounts, or buy-one-get-one offers. Such
promotions capture attention and encourage impulse purchases, driving traffic to your
booth and boosting sales.
● Provide Marketing Materials: Have business cards or brochures readily available to
distribute to interested shoppers. Even if they don’t make an immediate purchase, they
may reach out later or refer others to your business. Make sure your contact information
is easily accessible for potential customers to reach you.
By implementing these strategies, you can maximize your success as a vendor and make the
most of your participation in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i find more information about becoming a vendor at a specific hometown vendor market?
Click on the event link/flyer that you’re interested in and you’ll find more information about the event including the Vendor Application link.

What are the key terms, conditions, and policies vendors should know about for hometown vendor market events?Registration Fees: All vendor registration fees are final and nonrefundable under any circumstances.
Sales Guarantees: Hometown Vendor Market does not guarantee any particular level of sales volume or profitability for participating vendors. All transactions and interactions are solely between individual vendors and customers.

Liability: Hometown Vendor Market does not assume any liability for disputes, theft, vandalism, or any other issues that may occur related to your participation. Vendors are participating at their own risk and are solely responsible for securing their designated booth area and merchandise.

Additional policies regarding setup/teardown, booth restrictions, permits, and other procedural regulations are covered thoroughly in our Vendor Information Packet available after sign-up.

What does my vendor registration include?
The included amenities and services provided for your vendor booth will vary based on the specific Hometown Vendor Market you register for. To view the details of what is included in your vendor registration package for a particular event, please click on that event’s flyer/link from our homepage.

Is electricity included with my registration?
Electricity availability varies depending on whether you are registered for an indoor or outdoor hometown event:

Indoor Events:
There are a limited number of indoor booth spots equipped with electrical access. If you require electricity, you must submit a request by emailing once you register to see about reserving an electricity-inclusive spot. Electricity spots are first come, first served. Please bring your own heavy duty extension cord as a precaution.

Outdoor Events:
Electricity access is not provided for outdoor vending spaces. However, you are welcome to supply your own quiet generator if electrical power is absolutely necessary for your booth setup and operations. We recommend testing your generator ahead of time to ensure it can sufficiently power all that you need for the duration of the event.

What items and equipment am i responsible for providing and bringing for my vendor booth?
To have a successfully equipped vendor booth, please note the following requirements based on event type:

Indoor Events:
You are responsible for any display items not included with your booth package, as outlined on the event vendor webpage you registered through. Be sure to bring any additional necessities like signage, lighting, inventory, payment processing devices, etc.

Outdoor Events:
Outdoor vendors must supply their own:

● 10×10 pop-up tent
● At least one 6-ft table
● Chairs
● Table covers/linens
● Weights or ties to secure your tent
● Anything else needed to safely and effectively operate for the duration

Feel free to bring customized table covers and signage with your brand logo. Table covers can be any color or design that fits your style.

If you need help sourcing any required vendor booth equipment, we recommend Amazon for convenient ordering. See the list below for direct links to suggested items:

● 6ft Plastic Folding Table
● 6ft Stretch Spandex Table Cover for Standard Folding Tables – 72 Length x 30 Width x 30 Height Inches
● Plastic Folding Chair – White
● Personalized Table Runner with Business Logo, 13″x72″

How are vendor booth placements and event layout determined for hometown vendor markets?
We utilize a first-come, first-served basis. Vendors who arrive earliest are able to select their preferred booth spot.

Vendor Needs – During the application process, every vendor can indicate any required accommodations related to electricity, parking, facility accessibility, etc. We take these needs into account.

Booth Neighbors – While we cannot guarantee requests, vendors are welcome to indicate preferred booth neighbors whose offerings complement their products/services well. We make our best effort on strategic vendor mix placement for shopper convenience.

What licenses, permits, or other legal requirements do i need to meet as a vendor?
Hometown Vendor Market aims to create a supportive, hassle-free environment for small business owners and crafters to showcase their products without prohibitive red tape.

As such, you are not required to apply for any special licenses or permits specifically to operate as a vendor at our events. We take care of the necessary event/sales permits on the backend so you can focus more energy on your booth success!

Can i choose to vendor for only certain days of a multi-day hometown vendor market event?
Absolutely! As a vendor, you have the flexibility to sign up for as many days of a Hometown Vendor Market event as fit your schedule and staffing capacities.

The registration pricing structure does not change based on the number of vending days selected. For example, if the full event runs for Friday-Sunday, you can choose to just vend on Friday and Saturday while paying the same registration rate as someone vending all 3 days.

Can i split my vendor booth with another seller at a hometown vendor market event?
Sharing your designated vendor booth space with another complementary business is allowed and encouraged to maximize cross-promotion opportunities at our Hometown Vendor Market events!

However, registration limitations only allow one official vendor name per booth package purchase. The additional business splitting the booth will need to check-in under the name of the main vendor contact upon arrival.

If you plan to split a booth, we recommend sorting logistics like payments, staffing shifts, equipment needs, etc. ahead of time between businesses so operations run smoothly. Having an informal agreement in place can help avoid any potential misunderstandings down the line.

What is the payment policy for hometown vendor market registrations?
In order to secure your vendor booth reservation for a Hometown Vendor Market event, full payment must be submitted at the time of online registration. We accept most major credit cards.

We cannot hold or reserve vendor spots without payment. All registrations are finalized on a first-come, first-served basis based on completed form and payment receipt.

Additional payment policies:
● Registration fees are non-refundable for any reason as event planning relies on confirmed vendor counts.
● You can make requested modifications to your registration without additional charges up until 1 week prior to the event start date.

What types of display fixtures, visual aids, decor elements and equipment can i incorporate into my hometown vendor market booth space?
Along with featuring your core products and services, feel free to amplify your booth using display infrastructure like:

● Retail-style fixtures (racks, shelves, bins, slatwalls)
● Printed banners/signage
● Product photos or catalogs
● Decor touches that convey your brand style
● Giveaway bowls, entry boxes, etc. to drive engagement
● Equipment like tablets/TVs, mannequins, or demo products

Get creative showcasing what makes your business unique! All visual merchandising must fit neatly within your allotted booth footprint. Overly intrusive pieces that protrude excessively pose safety risks.

Does hometown vendor market limit how many vendors can register per product category?
To maintain a diverse and well-balanced vendor event mix catering to wide-ranging shopper interests, we do set loose category caps at each Hometown Vendor Market.

While category limitations aim to reduce head-to-head competition, the Hometown Vendor Market does not guarantee any vendor exclusivity rights. All products/services must align with our family-friendly, community-focused standards.

What is the vendor application process?
Complete your vendor application directly on the checkout page. Upon payment processing, you’ll receive a Vendor Welcome email, confirming your registration for the event.

How to Register

● Choose your package by clicking on it.
● Click “Add to Cart” to include it.
● Review your selections by clicking “View Cart.”
● Proceed to checkout.
● Fill out the registration form.
● Choose PayPal or Debit/Credit Card for payment.
● After payment, expect a confirmation email.
● As the event nears, you’ll receive more details via email.

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1800 Galleria Blvd, Franklin, TN 37067

All vendor registration fees are final and nonrefundable. We do not guarantee sales for vendors. All transactions are between vendors and customers. Hometown Vendor Market shall not be held liable for any issues or transactions between vendors and customers.