Top 7 Must-Haves and Essential Equipment for a Successful Hometown Vendor Market and Craft Show

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Vendor Tips | 0 comments

Whether you’re an aspiring craft show enthusiast or a seasoned artisan looking to enhance your display, these top 7 craft show must-haves are here to help you shine at your next Hometown Vendor Market and Craft Show.

A Stellar Canopy: 

If you’re planning to showcase your wares at outdoor art markets or festivals, a quality craft show tent is an absolute necessity. Many event organizers require white 10×10 craft show tents to maintain a uniform and classy look.

Professional Tablecloths: 

Say goodbye to fussy, homemade tablecloths. Invest in fitted polyester tablecloths that not only look super professional but are also incredibly easy to set up. They come in various sizes to fit different folding tables, and you can even customize them with your business name or logo.

Comfortable Seating: 

After enduring years of sitting on low chairs or uncomfortable stools, a tall fold-up director’s chair can be a game-changer. Being at eye level with your customers for engaging conversations has never been so comfortable.

Shopping Bags and Gift Wrap: 

Make sure to have shopping bags or gift wrap available to accommodate your customers’ purchases. Keep a variety of sizes on hand, including small organza bags for jewelry and larger paper shopping bags for bigger items.

A Handy Hand Truck or Dolly: 

Transporting your setup from your vehicle to your craft show booth is a breeze with the help of a Magliner convertible hand truck. This addition can significantly improve your craft show logistics.

Sun-Protective Curtain Backdrop: 

For outdoor art markets, protecting yourself from the sun is crucial. A curtain backdrop not only shields you from the scorching sun but also adds visual appeal to your booth.

Gridwall Display: 

Many artists opt for gridwall panels to showcase their artwork. This portable craft show display setup works wonders for fine artists displaying paintings or photographs. Gridwall systems often offer additional accessories like clip-on baskets, shelves, and hanging racks, making them versatile enough to display clothing and accessories as well.

With these craft show essentials in your arsenal, you’re sure to make a lasting impression at your next Hometown Vendor Market and Craft Show. Happy crafting!

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