Boost Your Hometown Vendor Market Craft Show Sales with One Simple Question

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Craft shows and farmers’ markets can be a goldmine for vendors, but how do you ensure you stand out and attract potential customers? The answer lies in one deceptively simple question: “Would you like to try?”

Picture this: you’re at a Hometown Vendor Market with a clear shopping list, ready to make a beeline for the exit once your mission is accomplished. But just as you’re about to leave, a vendor selling salsa beckons with that magical question, and you find yourself irresistibly drawn in.

Even if you weren’t initially in the market for salsa, you couldn’t resist the invitation to taste it. This got us thinking, what is it about this question that makes it so effective?

Here’s why it works:

  1. Who Turns Down Free Stuff?

The first step to making a sale at a Hometown Vendor Market is getting shoppers to stop at your table. If you can’t offer free food, think of another question to pique their interest. For instance, you might ask if they’d like to:

  • See how it works
  • Learn about the unique qualities of your jewelry, emphasizing benefits
  • Feel the softness of your cashmere scarves
  • Try on a piece of clothing
  • Experience a new scent

Remember, most people won’t turn down the opportunity to try or learn something new, even if it’s not what they were initially looking for. Offering a small item, like a pin or bookmark, can also work wonders.

  1. It’s an Easy Question to Ask

Asking, “Would you like to try?” is an uncomplicated and low-pressure approach. Shoppers who aren’t interested can simply decline and move on. It might sting a little when the first few people turn you down, but as the day goes on, it gets easier.

If offering a sample doesn’t align with your product, brainstorm questions that are quick, easy to ask, and feel natural. Avoid overly pushy or unnatural phrasing that might deter potential customers.

  1. Once People Try, They’re More Likely to Buy

This principle is why big companies invest in providing free samples. Getting the product into consumers’ hands boosts their confidence in making a purchase.

Homemade and handmade products often have qualities that mass-produced items can’t match. Showing customers these distinctions and letting them experience it firsthand lowers the risk of them buying something they won’t like.

In essence, inviting people to try your products creates a personal connection. It lets you showcase what sets your handmade goods apart from the mass-produced alternatives.

Remember, though, not all products can be presented this way, and it’s important not to force a question that doesn’t suit your business. Pushiness can drive shoppers away, so always be attentive to their cues and give them space to make their own choices.


Hometown Vendor Markets and farmers’ markets are brimming with opportunities. By using a simple yet effective question, you can turn casual passersby into happy customers, building a personal connection that mass-produced alternatives simply can’t match. So, what’s your question?

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