Crafting Success: The Unspoken Code of Craft Show Vendor Etiquette at Hometown Vendor Markets

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Vendor Tips | 0 comments

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time applicant, there exists a crucial “Code of Craft Show Vendors” that, while mostly unspoken, is integral for boosting sales and ensuring a smooth experience—for both you and the organizer.

Code 1: Be Present and Friendly

The first commandment of successful craft shows: Be present and friendly! It’s disheartening to see vendors engrossed in their phones while potential customers seek attention. Greet your customers warmly, invite their questions, and offer your full attention. Craft show attendees come to connect with YOU, and your engagement directly correlates with higher sales. Balance your tasks wisely, but never compromise on being present and welcoming.

Code 2: Engage With Your Fellow Vendors

Crafting success is a collaborative effort. Engage with your booth neighbors; they are your comrades in this creative journey. Introduce yourself, be mindful of their space, and foster a supportive environment. Offer to watch their booth when they need a break, and they may return the favor. You might even uncover opportunities for business collaboration. Remember, these fellow vendors are not just neighbors; they are potential partners and allies.

Code 3: Don’t Leave a Show Early

Resist the urge to pack up early. Seasoned shoppers often wait until the end for a less crowded experience. Leaving prematurely not only diminishes potential sales but also reflects poorly on show organizers. Unless prior arrangements have been made, stay until the designated closing time and maximize your chances of making those last-minute sales.

Code 4: Leave Your Booth Space As You Found It

Show respect for the shared space by leaving it as pristine as you found it. Clean up thoroughly, dispose of all trash, and break down empty boxes. Organizers are responsible for ensuring the venue is left in excellent condition. Stack your broken-down boxes neatly by the trash can for easy disposal, showing consideration for your fellow vendors.


In adhering to this Craft Show Vendor Code, you not only enhance your own success but contribute to the overall positive atmosphere of the event. Let’s make every Hometown Vendor Market a thriving hub of creativity, collaboration, and commerce! 

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