Craft Show Mastery: Steering Clear of 5 Common Mistakes

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Vendor Tips | 0 comments

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or a craft show newbie, projecting professionalism is key to success. To help you put your best foot forward, I’ve compiled a list of 17 mistakes to steer clear of at your next craft show. Some may seem trivial, but these pitfalls, whether silly oversights, inexperienced slip-ups, or persistent bad habits, can significantly impact your business if left unaddressed.

  1. Arriving Late:

Give yourself ample time for setup. Unpacking during the event not only puts off potential customers but also inconveniences your stall neighbors.

  1. Being Unprepared/Forgetting Something:

Create an event checklist to ensure you have everything you need. A well-prepared event bag can be a game-changer.

  1. Not Looking Presentable:

You are your brand’s representative; maintain a clean and tidy appearance. Branded attire can add a professional touch.

  1. Untidy Display:

A messy neighbor can bring down your stall. Keep your display organized, as a cluttered booth is off-putting for customers.

  1. No Table Covering:

Invest in a well-ironed table covering that reaches the floor at the front for a polished and professional appearance.

  1. Flat Display:

Create height in your display to ensure your products are visible through the crowd. Flat layouts can be easily overlooked.

  1. Placing Products out of Reach:

Avoid setting up displays so high that customers can’t reach items. Ensure everything is accessible for a better shopping experience.

  1. No Variation in Pricing:

Offer products at different price points to cater to customers with varying budgets. Avoid devaluing your stall by solely selling cheaper items.

  1. No Prices:

Clearly display prices, as customers may assume products are expensive if not marked. A price list in an A4 menu display can be a convenient solution.

  1. No Change:

Always have enough change for cash transactions. Pricing items with round numbers can minimize the need for excessive change.

  1. Not Accepting Card Payments:

In today’s market, there’s no excuse for being a cash-only stall. Various card payment options are available, and they can significantly increase sales.

  1. Not Respecting your Stall Neighbor’s Space:

Respect the allocated space of your neighbors. Avoid encroaching onto their area or causing disruptions with table adjustments.

  1. Unprofessional Attitude:

Maintain a positive and engaged demeanor. Sitting idle, glaring at others, or displaying frustration can drive customers away.

  1. Pouncing on People:

Avoid aggressive tactics. Let customers approach your stall naturally; forcing interactions can make people uncomfortable.

  1. No Flyers for People to Take:

Provide flyers for customers to take, especially if they aren’t purchasing on the spot. Include contact details and encourage social media engagement.

  1. Talking to your Neighbor’s Customers:

Respect your neighbor’s space and customers. Engaging with visitors to neighboring stalls can be perceived as rude and unprofessional.

  1. Packing Away Early:

Stay until the end, even if it’s been a slow day. Some customers prefer last-minute purchases, and packing early disrupts other traders.

So, there you have it – a comprehensive guide on steering clear of common craft show pitfalls. We’ve all been guilty of a few, but learning from them is part of the journey. If you find yourself ticking all 17, maybe it’s time for a new adventure!

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