Crafting Triumph: A Vendor’s Guide on How to Effectively Promote a Craft Show

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Participating in a craft show is not just about setting up your booth and showcasing your creations; it’s also about actively contributing to the event’s success. While event organizers play a significant role in promotion, as a vendor, your involvement is equally crucial. It’s time to make promoting craft shows a part of your preparation routine. Here’s how you can effectively contribute to the buzz and ensure that your customers and fans know where to find and support you.

Collaborative Promotion:

The power of collective effort should not be underestimated. The more individuals promoting a project or event, the greater the benefits for everyone involved. Additionally, keeping your customers informed about your upcoming events enhances their ability to support your craft.

Ideas for Craft Show Promotion:


  • Create printable flyers with event details and your self-promotion. Share them at other craft shows, your workplace, and even via mail to valued customers. This simple yet effective tool serves as a tangible reminder for potential customers, ensuring they can find you when ready to make a purchase.
    Tip: Use a fun trick to save on printing costs and make your flyer stand out.

Social Media:

  • Leverage the diverse landscape of social media platforms to broaden your reach. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, tailor your posts to each platform’s strengths. Engage your audience by sharing event details, exclusive promotions, and captivating visuals of your products.
    Tip: Encourage event attendees to share their experiences on social media, amplifying your reach.

Online Marketplace:

  • Update your Etsy announcement section to inform online shoppers about the events you’ll be attending. This ensures that potential buyers know where they can view your products in person.


  • Fuel your blog with content about the events you’re participating in. Create posts outlining upcoming shows and collaborate with organizers and fellow vendors to provide comprehensive information about each event.


  • Maintain a dedicated “where you can find me” page on your website. Regularly update it with upcoming events and boutiques carrying your products. This page serves as a reliable reference for customers seeking your creations.


  • Utilize your website or blog’s newsletter to communicate with your audience. Provide updates on upcoming craft shows, ensuring not to overwhelm subscribers. A consolidated monthly newsletter is an efficient way to keep your audience informed.
    Tip: Explore strategies to boost your newsletter list at events.


  • Engage your audience with contests on various platforms. Collaborate with event organizers to create enticing prizes, encouraging participants to share your event posts or visit your booth for entry.

Email Signature:

  • Add a short but impactful sentence about upcoming craft shows to your email signature. Keep it updated to reflect the latest dates and events.

Word of Mouth:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of traditional word-of-mouth promotion. Share details about your upcoming shows with friends, family, and your local community. Encourage them to spread the word to potential customers.

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