Craft Show Success: Building Your Newsletter and Boosting Post-Event Sales

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You’ve got your products ready, an eye-catching display, and a stack of business cards – all essential elements for a successful craft show. But wait, there’s one crucial aspect that often gets overlooked and should be on your craft show checklist: growing your newsletter. While making immediate sales and handing out business cards are vital, there’s untapped potential in getting shoppers to sign up for your newsletter.

Think about it: How often do you revisit business cards filed away in your office? Probably not very often. So, how do you ensure a continued connection with potential customers after the craft show? Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter! Here’s why and how you should make it a part of your craft show strategy:

Why Grow Your Newsletter?

When you hand out business cards, you’re leaving the potential for a second interaction. However, this passive approach relies on the shopper taking the initiative to reach out. By gathering their email, you’re guaranteeing a second interaction, increasing your chances of future sales.

If you haven’t set up a newsletter campaign yet, don’t worry. The craft show is an excellent opportunity to start collecting emails face-to-face with your target market.

5 Steps to Start Collecting Emails and Create a Newsletter Campaign

Step 1: Decide on a Newsletter Style

Determine the frequency and content of your newsletter. Whether it’s for new product launches, craft show updates, promotions, or engaging content, make sure it provides value to your subscribers.

Craft a quick pitch for potential subscribers: “Would you like to sign up for my Newsletter? I send out emails once a month with promotions and as I release new product lines.”

Consider offering an incentive, like entering their email for a chance to win one of your products.

Step 2: Sign Up for a Service

If you don’t have a system in place for collecting emails and sending newsletters, sign up for a service like MailChimp. It’s free for up to 2000 subscribers.

Step 3: Gather Info

  • Online: Use apps like MailChimp Subscribe on your tablet or phone to gather emails on the spot. This is faster and allows for a double opt-in setting.
  • Offline: Use pen and paper if you prefer a traditional approach. Ensure you follow anti-spam laws and consider sending a follow-up email after the event for confirmation.

Step 4: Follow the Rules

Be aware of anti-spam laws in your country and follow guidelines for providing a proper signup form and sending a confirmation email. Remember, even small businesses must adhere to these laws.

Step 5: Take Action

After the craft show, start working on your newsletter. Craft engaging content, including high-quality photos and information about your products. Make use of your subscriber list to market directly to those who have already shown interest in your work.

Remember, your journey doesn’t end at the craft show. Use your craft show experience as a springboard to grow your newsletter, connect with potential customers, and elevate your craft business. Subscribe now to Hometown Vendor Market for more exclusive insights, market updates, and strategies to enhance your craft show experience. Let’s craft a future where your creations continue to shine!

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